This month has already seen my bank balance plummet beyond recognition, my eyes reject contact lenses, and my throat crackle and flare into full-blown broken glass feeling…why is all this? It could only be the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. That special time of year when Edinburgh is overrun with actors, street performers, flyer distributors, tourists, and of course all-night beer gardens, bars, street food, and pop-up venues.

I do absolutely love the Fringe, but usually half way through (i.e. now) my body tends to break down and plead with me to have a few nights off the gin, and eat some food that hasn’t Β been purchased at 11pm from a street vendor.

With this in mind, I’ve had time to have a think about some of the best grab-on-the-go food spots I’ve experienced over the last two weeks around festival venues:

The Baked Potato Shop: Open later over August, this spud shack boasts a wide range of vegetarian fillings (favorites are avocado with cheese, and homemade coleslaw) to complement their huge double-baked tatties.

Hula: If you’re hanging around the Cowgate Underbelly, walking a little further along to the Grassmarket to meet with Hula, a quirky late-night cafe situated lower Victoria Street. As well as the usual toasted sandwiches, there’s also an evening hot dish to take away (I had an amazing vegetarian chilli, served with rice and topped with toasted nuts) for around Β£4.

The Mosque Kitchen: This is a no-frills spot, ideal for either lunch or dinner – their fantastic range of curries are served fresh, without fuss, and for a pocket-friendly Β£4 -Β£5. Note that for daytime visits, the kitchen is closed briefly for prayer, before the lunchtime.

Palmyra: Conveniently located on Nicolson Street, Palmyra has been keeping the student population well-fed with late-night stodge for many years. However, this isn’t a stereotypical greasy kebab shop – their falafel wraps are freshly made and packed with salad and veg.

The Bonnie Burrito: These lads are parked near the art school on Lauriston Place, and specialise in serving up quick and delicious Tex Mex. Normally their hours are early morning (breakfast burritos, anyone?!) till mid-afternoon, but I’m pretty sure I’ve spotted them working later into the evening during the festival period.

Hopefully that’s a few ideas for any on-the-go munching between now and August 31 (without having to risk scurvy)! #EdFringe